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 Current Projects 

Ameera Kawash
‘Induced Infringement’, Ameera Kawash, screenshots from GAN sequence, 2021

In this series, I consider the differential production of private and public digital real estates in the creation of dynamic sources of capital and value mining. Taking a critical approach to IP, I create a visual expression of the role of proprietorship in digital spaces, with a focus on the proliferation of nonconsensual images and media on the web.

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Ameera Kawash portfolio

‘Digital Flowers: Cognitive Accelerations of Care’ explores how attentional, emotional, and affectual forms of digital care can circulate and accelerate connectivity across bodies and boundaries. The work recycles texts and digital correspondences from lovers, family, and friends, reflecting experiences of pandemic time spent between hereness and elsewhereness, sending messages to loved ones in Beirut in the midst of unprecedented crises and daily unfolding political-economic collapse. The work also considers diasporic care as an expressive political, economic, and emotional force, drawing on Etel Adnan's nomadic-cartographic poetry.

Digital Trauma / Digital Aftercare

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Ameera Kawash is a Palestinian/Iraqi/American artist, writer & researcher, specialising in digital media practice, critical IP, and intersections of the biological and financial in current information and media systems.  She is also a PhD candidate at the Royal College of Art. Her thesis entitled 'Digital Aftercare: Towards Co-Immunity and Community' explores digital traumas and the (im)possibility of digital aftercares as speculative technological redesigns.


Her work spans video, writing, AI/generative art, and collaborative practice.


She also has a Psychotherapy & Counselling certificate from Regent's University.


She recently published an essay in Care(Less), edited by Gemma Blackshaw and Sharon Kivland, available from MA Bibliothéque.

Recent Presentations & Seminars

Across RCA // Trauma-Informed Approaches to Arts, Design, and Critical Theory

'i Object' at the Freud Museum // Seminar on the Traumatic Object

RCA Doctoral Training Week // Cultural Ecologies of Beirut 

RCA Student Union // Organs of Thought : Diagrammatics and Visual Organization Out of Chaos​​

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Ameera Kawash