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 Current Projects 

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'Digital Aftercare' is a metaverse project currently under construction. The project rethinks technological encounters and emergent forms of digital care, including emotional and political responses, traumatic stress and media overload.


Please check back soon!

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Ameera Kawash portfolio
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Ameera Kawash
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Ameera Kawash is a Palestinian/Iraqi/American artist, writer & PhD candidate at the Royal College of Art. Her work deals with digital economies, critical IP, as well as intimacy and psychic space in current media systems. 

She has a Psychotherapy & Counselling certificate from Regent's University.

She recently published a piece about viral media and Web3 at REAL LIFE MAGAZINE, and meme economies at CLOT MAGAZINE .

Her essay on strange temporalities, post-traumatic stress, and digital media is part of the anthology 'Care(Less)', available from MA Bibliothéque.


Recent Presentations & Seminars

Across RCA // Trauma-Informed Approaches to Arts, Design, and Critical Theory

'i Object' at the Freud Museum // Seminar on the Traumatic Object

RCA Doctoral Training Week // Cultural Ecologies of Beirut 

RCA Student Union // Organs of Thought : Diagrammatics and Visual Organization Out of Chaos​​

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