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"My work explores artistic, political, and psychological dimensions of digital care, as counter technologies to current traumatic thresholds and abyssal politics. I am interested in issues relating to authorship, consent, copyright, and the potential of critical crypto economics to change digital culture and digital trauma."  

 Current Projects 

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'Digital Flowers' explores attentional, emotional, and affectual forms of digital care,  as material, economic, and emotional forces circulating connectivity across bodies and boundaries. The work recycles texts and digital correspondences from lovers, family, and friends, drawing from auto-ethnographic material as well as that of others.


The work reflects on hereness and elsewhereness, sending messages to loved ones in Beirut in the midst of unprecedented crises and daily unfolding political-economic collapse.

'Digital Flowers’ asks: how to design new forms of valuation for nomadic, affectual, diasporic, and collective forms of care that diverge from capital flows? What kind of system architecture supports digital pathways of care as
collective, distributed, decentralised, and multi-positional forces? How can digital care provide forms of support in the event of socio-economic or political collapse? Can digital care contribute to new forms of solidarity, co-resistance, co-vulnerability, and co-immunity?

Through video and texts, hereness and elsewhereness form alternate de-distancing and temporal intimacies,
drawing on the nomadic-cartographic poetry of Etel Adnan.

A video and text-based work  currently in progress.

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A  fantasy of recovery and healing from the perspective of a woman with PTSD. The work proposes speculative biosensors and digital feedback loops that quantify and datatify bodily rhythms and sensations expressed as self-sovereign agents. These data points join with the user’s thoughts and poetic reflections on preexisting and bodily trauma and the traumatic other, including digital trauma. The work spans video, text, auto-ethnographic experience, and poetry to imagine new healing modalities with digital nonhuman and other-than-human technologies


A video work  currently in progress


Yomiyat / Daily is a nomadic collective of artists and cultural workers. We are experimenting with forms of diaristic correspondence as a way of building digital spheres of trust, forming collaborations, or simply marking time together. As we live through this pandemic and the intensification of borders, we hope that this exchange will be a way to connect with others in encrypted digital spaces across boundaries. 

Ameera Kawash



Ameera Kawash is a Palestinian/Iraqi/American artist, writer, researcher & PhD candidate at the Royal College of Art. Her work spans video, 3D imaging, and collaborative practice. She also has a Psychotherapy & Counselling certificate from Regent's University. She recently published an essay in Care(Less), edited by Gemma Blackshaw and Sharon Kivland, available from MA Bibliothéque. 

Recent Presentations & Seminars

Across RCA // Trauma-Informed Approaches to Arts, Design, and Critical Theory

'i Object' at the Freud Museum // Seminar on the Traumatic Object

RCA Doctoral Training Week // Cultural Ecologies of Beirut 

RCA Student Union // Organs of Thought : Diagrammatics and Visual Organization Out of Chaos​​

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