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'BATH MOTES: Liquid Architecture for Pain Relief' explores datafication, digital wellness, and traumatic embodiment through the story of a woman seeking relief from pain through a personalized bio-sensing platform that turns her bath into responsive liquid media.


‘Bath Motes’ is an imaginary platform that uses tiny microprocessing units to capture health and biological data about the bather, which then feedback into a personalized guided meditation. ‘Bath Motes' speculates on the ambitions of the digital wellness industry and the capacity of body sensor networks to relieve physical and emotional pain. 

The bather and her bath, the inside and outside, become imbricated through granular and personalized bio-sensors to become sites of hyper intimacies.

Excerpts of my PhD research for 'Nested Intimacies: Traumatic Embodiment, Datafication, and Digital Wellness', at the Royal College of Art.