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"The occupation enters the Metaverse", +972 Magazine, February 2022.

"Money-Go-Round," Real Life Magazine, January 2022.

"Post-genius memes: copyright, consent, distributed authorship and NFTs"  Clot Magazine, November 2021​.

"Strange temporalities: elsewhereness, post-traumatic stress & digital flowers," in Care(Less), edited by Gemma Blackshaw and Sharon Kivland. London: MA Bibliothéque, 2021.


My doctoral research 'Digital Aftercares' developed digital retooling as an artistic methodology that ties together socially engaged practice, speculative design, and the arts. I designed four speculative products or user experiences that rescript hegemonic or exploitive relationships between data and body, human and digital nonhuman, the environment and the digital environment. 

Digital retooling is a propositional, practical, creative, and critical method that transforms existing technologies through artistic practice to break from hegemonic structures rooted in nonconsensual practices and data colonialism.

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