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I am an artist, writer, and entrepreneur.  My work intersects social practice, innovation, sustainability, and the arts. I am interested in ethical automation and building symbiotic digital ecologies that are meaningfully connected to our world and actions. 

I am co-founder of Orbital Bloom, a start-up that creates data-driven artworks that make sustainability gains accessible, transparent, and engaging. Orbital Bloom is part of InnovationRCA's incubator. 

I earned a PhD from the Royal College of Art in 2022.

I am Palestinian-Iraqi-American and live in London. 



My doctoral research 'Digital Aftercares' developed digital retooling as an artistic methodology that ties together socially engaged practice, speculative design, and the arts. I designed four speculative products or user experiences that rescript hegemonic or exploitive relationships between data and body, human and digital nonhuman, the environment and the digital environment. 

Digital retooling is a propositional, practical, creative, and critical method that transforms existing technologies through artistic practice to break from hegemonic structures rooted in nonconsensual practices and data colonialism.

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Dr. Ameera Kawash 
February 2023


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