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Orbital Bloom is a data-driven artwork that expresses the energy performance of buildings and incentivises sustainability. 

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Digital Keffiyeh is a research project that examines Palestinian digital rights and narratives in digital spaces and AI. 


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'Black Body Radiation: Rescripting Data Bodies' is a collaborative project with performance artist Ama BE which deploys body sensor networks and blockchain architectures to explore artistic agency and alternative value creation in performance artworks. 

'Bath Motes: Liquid Architecture for Pain Relief tells the story of a bather seeking self-care and relief from symptoms associated with fibromyalgia and PTSD through biosensing motes that turn her bath into responsive digital media. 'Bath motes' is an imaginary platform that uses small microprocessing units to capture health and biological data about the bather, which then feeds back into a personalised guided meditation. It fantasises and lampoons intimate nestings with digital media.


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