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"Why 'All Eyes on Rafah' viral campaign did nothing to stop Gaza massacres | The Stream",

Interview, Al Jazeera English, June  2024.

"Breaking down the viral 'All Eyes on Rafah' social media post",

Interview, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, June 2024.

"What is ‘All eyes on Rafah’? Decoding a viral social trend on Israel’s war",

Interview, Al Jazeera English, May 2024.

"Generative AI: Dehumanisation and Bias against Palestinians and marginalised communities",

Presentation / discussion at PDAF 2024

"Impacts of AI technologies on Palestinian lives and narratives",

The Arab Center for Social Media Advancement (7amleh), February 2024.

"COP28: Israel should not be allowed to greenwash its war on Gaza",

Al Jazeera,  November 2023.

"What a cat in a keffiyeh reveals about AI's anti-Palestinian bias", 

+972 Magazine, April 2023.

"The occupation enters the Metaverse", 

+972 Magazine, February 2022.


Real Life Magazine, January 2022.

"Post-genius memes: copyright, consent, distributed authorship and NFTs",

Clot Magazine, November 2021​.

"Strange temporalities: elsewhereness, post-traumatic stress & digital flowers," in Care(Less), edited by Gemma Blackshaw and Sharon Kivland.


MA Bibliothéque, 2021.

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