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Orbital Bloom : Data-driven sustainable artworks

Ameera Kawash

Orbital Bloom is a digital biome that grows and thrives as buildings become more sustainable. By transforming real-time energy data- including water, electricity, and gas usage - into interactive artworks, it allows building occupants to visualise and understand the carbon footprint of buildings. Our software combines data processing, gamification, and digital arts to create new ways of living and interacting with sustainability data.

Orbital Bloom has received multiple awards and recognitions, including:

• Terra Carta Design Lab honourable mention in 2022
• Mayor's Entrepreneurial Awards finalist in 2023
• Artwork projected on Windsor Castle for the Coronation Concert in 2023
• Recipient of the Innovate UK Creative Catalyst Grant in 2023

Dr. Ameera Kawash and Shira Wachsmann founded Orbital Bloom while they were both PhD students at the RCA.

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